I was born in New Hampshire as part of the "Baby Boomers". I received my formal
art education at the New England School of Art 
and the Boston Museum School of Art.
While continuing to develop my skills in the 70’s & 80’s, I worked as an art director for
corporations in California, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Florida.  During that time I
also performed as a singer songwriter with the  Mike's Towing Band. Music was my
passion and painting was my hobby. These days music is still a very important part of
my life but painting is my full time endeavor . Much of what I paint reflects the memories
and experiences from my travels in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Islands of
the West Indies.  “ To be an artist is to alwaysbe learning.”   Working with a palette knife
and thick full bodied Golden Acrylic paint keeps my paintings very loose and bright. This
also adds to the cheerful, lighthearted and optimistic feelings of the every day life portrayed
in my work. Winning many awards and much critical acclaim, my paintings hang in galleries,
private collections, corporate offices and government buildings.